Meet Priyan

“Ontario Greens are tackling some of the most important issues of our time, including climate change and housing affordability. I’m proud to run for this party and join them in making real change that will benefit Scarborough now and for generations to come.”.

Priyan de Silva

Priyan de Silva was born in Sri Lanka and has lived with his family in the City of Toronto for over three decades.  A recent addition to the De Silva family has provided motivation to ensure climate adaptation and mitigation policies are adopted at a faster rate.  Priyan currently lives in a census tract that contains one of the highest visible minority populations within all of Ontario.

For almost two decades, Priyan has been employed by the public education system in Toronto.  He has provided front line community services to families and students and has adhered to guidelines provided by provincial institutions.  Maintaining an environment of opportunity and critical thinking for future generations has been fulfilling.

Priyan has been a part of many grassroots community collectives throughout the city.  Through communication and respect, these groups have helped identify lapses within social contracts and inserted marginalized voices in spaces that can create change through policy, implementation and review.  Spaces Priyan has worked in include Housing, Food Security, Environmental Racism and Financial Inequity.

“Priyan has an authentic understanding of the issues that matter most to his neighbours. He has strong experience as a previous candidate and community activist and is a welcome addition to our growing Ontario Greens team.”

Mike Schreiner
Leader of the Ontario Greens

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