Scarborough’s Green Party Candidates pledge to support Universal Basic Income

Scarborough’s Green Party Candidates pledge to support Universal Basic Income

All six of Scarborough’s Green Party of Ontario candidates have signed Basic Income Now’s Candidate Pledge. By signing the pledge the candidates have promised to actively support the establishment of a Basic Income in Ontario.

“To bring everyone opportunities during the climate emergency, we must take care of the most vulnerable, that is why I advocate for a Basic Guaranteed Income” said Priyan de Silva, candidate for Scarborough – Rouge Park, “We believe in treating people with dignity and fairness. We demand an immediate increase in Ontario Works and ODSP as the initial steps in bringing in a universal Basic Income Guarantee that will give the people of Ontario greater economic security in an ever more perilous economy.”

The Green plan for a Basic Income Guarantee:

  • Phase in a Basic Income, with the first step being to double ODSP and OW rates and reduce aggressive clawbacks.
  • Eliminate unnecessary red tape, reporting requirements, and other barriers typically faced by those needing financial support.
  • Maintain all existing supplementary supports that are available with current income assistance programs.

“Voters who want to see a Basic income should vote for the Ontario Greens. We are the only party in Scarborough willing to stand up for Basic income as a tool to combat systemic poverty. If you want Green, vote Green.” Said Cara Brideau, candidate for Scarborough Southwest.

Scarborough’s Green Party Candidates are:

  • Dean Boulding, Scarborough – Guildwood
  • Cara Brideau, Scarborough Southwest
  • Priyan de Silva, Scarborough – Rouge Park
  • Fatima Faruq, Scarborough Centre
  • Tara McMahon, Scarborough North
  • Jacqueline Scott, Scarborough – Agincourt

Note: at time of writing Basic Income Now’s website ( has not yet been updated to list all names.

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